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Meet our Speaker: Risto Kasemäe

Mr Risto Kasemäe joined Estonian Road Administration in 2016 after 25 years of police service.

Masters degree on public administration from Tallinn University of Technology. Currently positioned as the head of examination center, the everyday work consists of managing everything that concerns driving exams. Biggest challenges concern balancing between the use of modern technological solutions and being a human being, a driver.

eDebate: Different views: Road Administrations (EU countries) and AAMVA (US) - Driving Licenses Exchange & eServices

By Risto Kasemäe, Road Administration, Estonia
The future of the world is digital. The free movement of data is something that concerns all European policy and fundamental freedoms. One of Estonia’s priorities is a digital Europe – something that will hopefully soon become such an integral part of Europe that we can drop the “digital” entirely. Technological innovation in itself is not the endgame, but a tool that can make the lives of people, companies and governments easier. Digital driving license is very important for us, it will reduce the driving license fee, people will not have to carry the driving license while driving anymore, so there is no risk to forget the driving license at home and get a fine when you have to travel by car in EU. The benefit of the digital driving license is also that it is environmentally friendly, because there will be no need to produce a physical driving license. Our priority is to reduce compulsory movement by introducing new electronic solutions which reduce the need to visit competent authorities, reduce administrative burdens and simplify the exchange of information.
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