Our Speaker
Ad van der Meijden
Dutch Police
Operational Specialist at the Centre of Expertise Aliens, Identification and Human Trafficking
The Netherlands
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Meet our Speaker: Ad van der Meijden

My name is Ad van der Meijden. I have been working at the Dutch Police for over 42 years. For the last 15 years, I am responsible as Operational Specialist (Senior Advisor ID Management) for the identification of suspects, aliens, convicts, witnesses and asylum seekers. I am also a teacher at the police academy. I give several lessons in the field of identification, biometrics and the prosecution of ID fraud. Much has changed in the last years. We have become global citizens with borders blurred and travelling all over the world.


Crime is limitless and the many conflicts worldwide have led to huge flows of refugees seeking shelter in safe countries. Many conflicts are related to terrorism. These terrorists/jihadists represent a major security risk. The many attacks are witness to this. Identification of these persons has the highest priority and is the start of all (police) processes.

Identity is just: Who is who? Because to determine, a simple (travel) document is no longer sufficient. Only the use of biometrics can offer a solution. The biometric identity can be determined. Not the administrative! Documents can be fake, forged, purchased or used by look a likes. I am concerned with how we can identify people now and in the future and would like to enter into a discussion on how we can achieve this.

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