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2 days, 8 sessions, several experts & networking opportunities.
We are currently working on the agenda for the 2019 edition, so changes and updates are still to be expected. Be sure to visit this page & subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss out on any news.


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Time & Location

17th and 18th September 2019 at Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), Estonia
Previous editions: 2018 edition agenda

Master of Ceremony 2019

Suomen Tilaajavastuu Ou
SK ID Solutions
Access IS
Elyctis eID Experts
GET Group North America

Agenda 17 September 2019


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Agenda subject to change with updates

8:30 /

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9:00 /

Opening by the eID Forum Chairman Konstantin Papaxanthis

9:05 /

eKick-Off || Ideas must keep up with technology!

Margus Noormaa, Estonian Information System Authority, Director General, Estonia

09:25 /

Session: Cyber Security - Trust & Standards

eTalk || The Identity Challenge: Securing Physical and Mobile Credentials (see abstract)

Tony Poole, Document Security Alliance, President, USA

eTalk || Anchoring trust in Self-Sovereign Identity Systems, aligned with eIDAS Regulation (see abstract)

Ignacio Alamillo Domingo (Dr. ), University of Murcia, Researcher, Spain

eDebate || The DNA of different approaches (see abstract)

Moderator: Hildegard Ferraiolo, NIST, Senior Computer Scientist at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Lead for the U.S. Government ID program, USA

10:40 /

Coffee Break / Networking

11:10 /

Session: Mobile Driving License Implementations and Introduction of Vehicle Safety

eTalk || Mobile Driver Licenses: Electronic Identification That Meets Global Needs (see abstract)

Ian Grossman, AAMVA, VP, USA

eTalk || The Latest Developments on Vehicle Identification

Zeger Baelde, The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW), COO, The Netherlands

Debate || The Evolution of Digital Driving License for Citizens (see abstract)

Moderator: Geoff Slagle, AAMVA, Director, USA

12:30 /

Lunch Break / Networking

13:30 /

Session: The Future of Digital Borders

eTalk || OLYMPUS Project: An identity management framework that ensures secure and privacy-friendly virtual identity management interactions for citizens accessing services in Europe (see abstract)

Antonio Skarmeta, Universidad de Murcia, Scientific and Technical Project Manager of H2020 OLYMPUS project, Spain

eTalk || Detecting document fraud and the need of biometrics (see abstract)

Adolfo Sommarribas, European Migration Network, Luxembourg

eTalk || What does a Digital Border look like? (see abstract)

Gillian Ormiston, IDEMIA, Solution Expert, Passenger Flow Facilitation, France

​eTalk || Why Physical Documents Remain Important (see abstract)

Ian Lancaster, Reconnaissance International, Security Document Expert, Reconnaissance International Associate, UK

eDebate || The Future of Digital Borders

Moderator: Ian LancasterReconnaissance International, Security Document Expert, Reconnaissance International Associate, UK

  • Antonio Skarmeta, Universidad de Murcia, Scientific and Technical Project Manager of H2020 OLYMPUS project, Spain

  • Adolfo Sommarribas, European Migration Network, Luxembourg

  • Georg Hasse, secunet Security Networks, Head of International Sales Division Homeland Security, Germany

  • Matt Schneider, US Customs and Border Protection, Director, USA

  • Egert Belitšev, Police and Border Guard Board Estonia, Head of Integrated Border Management Bureau, Estonia

  • Ad van der Meijden, Dutch Police, Operational Specialist at the Centre of Expertise Aliens, Identification and Human Trafficking, The Netherlands

15:15 /

Coffee Break / Networking

15:45 /

Session: Emerging Vertical Mobile ID Markets

​eTalk || Identifiers and MyData as enablers for personal data usage (see abstract)

Mika Huhtamäki, Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy, Deputy CEO, Finland

​eDebate || Emerging Vertical Mobile ID Markets

Moderator: Tor Fridell, LADOK, Sweden    

eVoice || Using the FIDO authentication standard for eIDAS services (see abstract)

Sebastian Elfors, Yubico, Solutions Architect, USA

17:00 /

 Networking with drinks and food - Scytáles + GET Group NA

18:30 /

End of Day 1

Agenda 18 September 2019


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Agenda subject to change with updates

8:45 /

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9:00 /

Opening by the eID Forum Chairman Konstantin Papaxanthis

9:05 /


Marten Kaevats, Government Office of Estonia, Adviser, Estonia

9:25 /

Ministerial Session: Digital Public Governance - The Way Forward to Digitalisation

Karol Okoński, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Secretary of State, Poland

9:45 /

Coffee Break - B.EST Solutions Estonia / Networking


Session: Estonia Digital Leader of Europe

eTalk || A Decade of Disruption - what the next decade holds for Digital ID in Estonia, Europe and globally (see abstract)

Luukas Ilves, Former Estonian Counsellor for EU Digital Affairs, Estonia

eTalk || Estonian State Portal: more than a fancy webpage (see abstract)

Raimo Reiman, Information System Authority, Head of State Portal Departement, Estonia

eTalk || e-Residency 2.0 (see abstract)

Ott Vatter, e-Residency 2.0, Managing Director, Estonia

eDebate || e-Residency Digital Nation Hackathon

Moderator: Ott Vatter, e-Residency 2.0, Managing Director, Estonia

  • Winners of the e-Residency Digital Nation Hackathon

Session: Mind The Gap Workshop

11:55  /

Small Hall Room

Will the most Common Identity in the World be the Mobile Driving License? (see abstract)

Moderators: Geoff Slagle, AAMVA, Director, USA, & Servi Beckers, EReg Association, Chairman, Belgium

eTalk within the Mind The Gap: America’s first mobile Driving License Prototype Interoperability Party – Mixing and matching 30 implementations of the draft ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard (see abstract)

Arjan Geluk, UL Transaction Security, Lead Principal Advisor Identity Management & Security, The Netherlands

13:00 /

Lunch Break / Networking

14:00 /

Session: Towards Interoperable Mobile National Identities

eTalk || Public-Permissioned Blockchain networks and Self-Sovereign Identity: a perfect match (see abstract)

Jesus Ruiz, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, CTO, Spain

eTalk || Trusted Digital Identity: Ensuring the right foundation (see abstract)

Kristel Teyras, Secure Identity Alliance, Digital ID Workgroup Chair, France

eDebate || Interoperable Mobile National Identities: The Challenges and Rewards

​Moderator: Jon Shamah, EEMA and Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities, Chair, UK

  • Jana Krimpe, Co-chair of Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities and Head of Mobile ID Consortium, CEO and Founder of B.EST Solutions, Azerbaijan

  • Margus Arm, Information System Authority, Head of eID Department, Estonia

  • Olaf Jonkers, ITSME, Scheme Manager, CISO & DPO, Belgium

  • Juha Mitrunen, Ministry of Finance, Senior Advisor, Finland

  • Yahya Alazri, Information Technology Authority, Director of National Digital Certification Centre, Sultanate of Oman

  • Pavlina Navratilova, IDEMIA, Market manager, National Identity and Services, France

15:55 /

Coffee Break / Networking

16:25 /

Session: eDemocracy

eTalk || An Outlook on e-Democracy

Albert Royo, Gov2U, Director of Public Affairs, EU

eTalk || An Outlook on e-Democracy

Arne Koitmäe, State Electoral Office, Deputy Head, Estonia

eVoice || Envisioning the future of democracy (see abstract)

Onno van Dommelen, Scytl, VP Strategic Accounts and Partnerships, Spain    

16:55 /

Closing Session: Identity of the Future

17:10 /


18:30 /

End of Day 2

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