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Meet our Speaker: Adolfo Sommarribas

Adolfo Sommarribas is a member of the University Council of the University of Luxembourg. He has a Master of Laws (LLM) of the University of Michigan Law School. He is the coordinator of the EMN Platform on Statelessness, co-chair of the EMN Ad-hoc query Working Group and the legal expert of the National Contact Point in Luxembourg within the European Migration Network since April 2011. His research interests are business related migration, identity and document fraud, human trafficking and smuggling, unaccompanied minors and statelessness. He has developed databases at the national level on migration and asylum as well as collaborate to the development of the ad-hoc query module of the integrated system in the EMN-IES. 

eTalk: Detecting document fraud and the need of biometrics

The high numbers and mixed flows of migrants entering the EU during the migration crisis in recent years have meant that the effective identification of third-country nationals has become a concern of increasing importance.

One of the main issues around the use of documents to establish identity has been the risk of document fraud. This includes the production and use by third-country nationals of false documents, as well as the use of fraudulently obtained genuine documents (‘FOG’s) in procedures relating to entry and stay in the Member States. The examination of documents such as passports and other travel documents are only part of identification procedures; however, given that they may contain biometric information such as facial image and iris data, the role they play in identification is significant. Where third-country nationals are unable to fulfil the criteria for legal entry using legitimate documents and channels or seek to disguise or assume a different identity, document fraud can open alternative channels to entering Member States.

This presentation aims to establish the current state of play in detecting document fraud perpetrated by third-country nationals intending to enter and stay in the EU Member States and Norway, including in the context of asylum procedures.

Main goals of this speech:

  • State of play of the legal framework to fight document fraud in the European Union

  • Common forms of document fraud

  • Challenges and (some) solutions and good practices

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