Our Speaker
Arjan Geluk
UL Transaction Security
Lead Principal Advisor Identity Management & Security
The Netherlands
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Meet our Speaker: Arjan Geluk

Arjan Geluk has been in UL’s identity management and security business for over a decade. He advises public and private organizations on security, and contributes to the development and standardization of secure technologies and security practices in the mobility domain:

  • ISO task force leader for ISO/IEC 18013-5 on the mobile driving license (mDL)

  • Special technical advisor to the joint mDL working group of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)

  • Advisor to RDW (NL) and other DMVs on mDL and on automotive cybersecurity

  • UN World Forum on Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations – task force on cybersecurity and (over-the-air) software updates

  • ISO/SAE joint working group on automotive cybersecurity

Arjan supported the European Commission in drafting the EU regulation for electronic driving licenses, and in developing the security framework for the EU Smart Tachograph. He coordinated the implementation of an mDL proof-of-concept for RDW in collaboration with AAMVA, and initiated the mDL Prototype Interoperability Parties that in Japan (2018) and the USA (2019). Arjan supports the development of advisory, training, test and assurance services for mDL and for automotive cybersecurity in UL.

eTalk: America’s first mobile Driving License Prototype Interoperability Party – Mixing and matching 30 implementations of the draft ISO/IEC 18013-5 standard

In August 2019, America’s first mobile Driving License (mDL) Prototype Interoperability Party was held in Omaha, Nebraska. This mDL test event was coordinated by UL, endorsed by AAMVA, Austroads and EReg, and hosted by AAMVA, at the eve of their Annual International Conference. From all over the world, 14 mDL and 16 mDL Reader prototype implementations were brought in for “cross-over testing”, to try out in how far these implementations interoperate. Other key objectives were to keep momentum in the industry and to identify areas to improve the draft mDL standard, ISO/IEC 18013-5. What have we learnt? Did we achieve these objectives? And: what’s next?

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