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Meet our Speaker: Erik Mitterhofer

Erik Mitterhofer holds a degree for plastics engineering and joined the security printing industry in 2001. He has become an expert for security documents, security features and materials used in that field.
As Area Sales Manager for OVD Kinegram AG, he now is responsible for Central Europe and parts of Eastern European Countries – including the Baltic States.

His expertise is appreciated at forensic crime departments and counterfeit deterrence groups all over the world and also assists to implement new products into the security documents industry.
He has chaired several international fora, has held lectures and speeches on numerous high security printers conferences and also has been a Member of the International Card Manufacturers Association Board of Directors.

eVoice: Mobile eGate

By Erik Mitterhofer, OVD Kinegram, Switzerland

To cope with the ever increasing number of passengers moving through airports, border crossing solutions which allow pre-registered travelers to walk through border crossing points are conceivable. For example, using Advanced Passenger Information Systems facial biometrics can be captured “on the go” and compared with pre-positioned templates stored in a pre-registered database. As the airport infrastructure would need to be designed to allow such passengers to move through the “fast-track” lanes swiftly, efficient solutions are required to handle problematic situations such as false non-matches of biometric templates. One possibility is to use mobile devices, such as smartphones equipped with suitable Apps, to conduct a rapid and convenient secondary inspection. This presentation will discuss a use case involving a border guard who uses a smartphone App not only capable of capturing a facial biometric of the traveler and matching this with a template stored on his passport, but also enabled to inspect and/or verify both the electronic data and the physical security features on the document.

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