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Evangelos Sakkopoulos (Dr.)
ISO 18013 Part 5 Working Group Member
Greece & Sweden
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Meet our Speaker: Evangelos Sakkopoulos

Evangelos Sakkopoulos (Dr.) is participating in the ISO 18013 part 5 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10 for the standardization of the mobile Driver's License. ISO/IEC 18013 part 5 standardizes requirements for mobile driving license (mDL).

Standardization process for the mDL is at the moment on-going. Next steps, include a first mDL Prototype Interoperability Party open to all participants in October 2018. The challenges are great and the key aim is to test interoperability of standardized functions between implementations of different mDL solution providers, to keep momentum in the standardization work, and to generate further feedback on the draft standard.

The vision is to reach an implementation of the standard by Issuing Authorities and their suppliers in various mDL solutions in a secure and interoperable mDL ecosystem in the coming future.

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