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Geoff Slagle
Director - Identity Management
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Meet our Speaker: Geoff Slagle

In his role as Director of Identity Management for AAMVA, Geoff works in cooperation with the North American motor vehicle administrations and other Government issuing authorities on their identity management and identification security efforts to include their continuing improvement in their identification documents and credentials: identity proofing methodology; production equipment and materials; machine-readable technologies; biometrics; physical security features; and back-end databases in support of credentialing programs.  Geoff is AAMVA’s project manager for the community’s mobile driver license efforts, he is the sitting Chair of the ANSI committee working on driver license standardization and is a past Convenor of the ISO mirror committee.  Geoff is a founding member of the Document Security Alliance and currently serves on their Board of Directors.  He has over 20 years’ experience within the AAMVA community including a seven-year stint with a publicly-held software developer where he served as a Vice President.  Prior to AAMVA Geoff worked as a project manager and functional analyst to the State Department and Department of Defense. 

eDebate: The Evolution of Digital Driving License for Citizens

The introduction of an eID /mDL into what has long been a physical credential world is challenging. The technical challenges are not insignificant, however, of even greater significance is ensuring the adoption and acceptance of an eID/mDL in a way that exceeds the ID validation process of today. Moving from a physical ID credential to an electronic/digital version brings with it the potential of increased reliability, verifiability, trust, and convenience. Ensuring we take advantage of these benefits is not only necessary, but all of our responsibility. During this session, we’ll explore different views on how we successfully bridge the gap between today’s sole reliance on physical documents and human validation to a world where eID is trusted and commonplace.
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