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Meet our Speaker: Jesus Ruiz

Jesus Ruiz is board member and Chief Technology Officer at Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, a multi-stakeholder non-profit association for building a national blockchain system in Spain. At the same time he is government advisor for Spain in the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure initiative of the European Commission, building a European-wide blockchain network for the efficient delivery of cross border services. In the past he had different responsibilities at Group Santander in the Technology & Operations global division, with the last one being responsible for Blockchain and Industry 4.0 in the CTO area.

eTalk: Public-Permissioned Blockchain networks and Self-Sovereign Identity: a perfect match

A Public-Permissioned blockchain network tries to combine the permissioning feature from private consortiums with a decentralized governance model in order to obtain the best characteristics of both worlds. Implementing a Self-Sovereign Identity system on top of a public-permissioned blockchain network produces a very powerful system bringing a lot of value to the digitization of the productive economy of a country. At the same time, can form the basis for interoperable identities with a high level of privacy and control by the citizens.

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