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Meet our Speaker: Mika Huhtamäki

Mika Huhtamäki, Executive Vice President of Tilaajavastuu Ltd, Founding Member of MyData Global and Founding Member of the FIndy decentralized identity ledger, is an innovative service development pioneer and sustainable data business enthusiast, responsible for developing and managing the public-private ecosystem in the real estate and construction sectors in Finland.

Mika’s ability to combine different themes into a whole originates from his studies, where he became well-versed in information processing, administration and economics, as well as media and design studies. Mika has also been a start-up entrepreneur and has been part of Tilaajavastuu Ltd since its inception. Mika’s hobbies include rock climbing and mountain biking where risk assessment is pivotal. Making the right decision in each situation is vital for safety.

The idea of developing identifiers, eID services and MyData started from the actual needs of the ecosystem. Sustainable data business requires openness and transparency to seize the potential of increased digital adoption for long term. Data is the fuel of all future businesses, and it cannot be pursued and scaled without a human-centric foundation.

eTalk: Identifiers and MyData as enablers for personal data usage

Practical hands-on approach focusing on the digital dimensions of the construction and real estate value chains. Digital privacy needs new solutions, beyond individualistic view, human-centric service design based on electronic identity and consent management. The context of construction sector workers, which are not traditionally digitally savvy, and the process for creating crass root understanding of identifiers. Enrolment of individuals including legal entity and representation rights, building up vertical mobile ID's towards digitizing the sector. Level playing field towards an economically and socially sustainable society.
It is a matter of technology, power and ethics. Data-driven economy requires identifiers and trust network to create a just, sustainable and prosperous digital society. Identifiers are changing also business models and the sustainability theme is slowly growing. Governance, verifying data and managing interactions are also creating new types of trust services for digital businesses within the principles of real time economy.


Main goals of this speech:

  • Societal dimension of workers eID’s and personal data

  • To move and find work opportunities across European countries

  • A worker identity backbone secures transactions

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