Mind The Gap
Standards at the Service of Sustainability and Interoperability of ID Systems
Debora Comparin
Head of the Secure Identity Alliance’s Standards Taskforce
Secure Identity Alliance
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Mind The Gap: Standards at the Service of Sustainability and Interoperability of ID Systems

Head of the Secure Identity Alliance’s Standards Taskforce, France

As governments embark on introducing new identification systems for the people and strengthening existing ones, decision makers are confronted with a number of issues pertaining to technology selection and deployment. Each country might be in the midst of a unique approach given its specific situation and at the same time, multilateral development institutions bring with them invaluable global and multi-sector experience. Besides, technological advancements and newer architectures open up vast opportunities to have better systems at lesser costs. All this must be further placed within national and international legal frameworks and address humanitarian issues as well as those of security and privacy.


Technical standards play a unique role and are indispensable in ensuring that systems are universally understood, easy to deploy and optimally utilize existing capacities. These also ensure a level playing field and help prevent unwelcome consequences like a vendor lock-in. Not only do these lead to healthier procurement practices, but also enable cost-effective and sustainable strategies both on the demand as well as supply side. 


Such a win-win strategy is vital for all to overcome the challenges of the coming decades, especially SDG #16.9 that requires over one billion people to be provided legal identity with birth registration by 2030.


This session, chaired by Debora Comparin, Head of the Secure Identity Alliance’s Standards Taskforce, is an opportunity to discuss what needs to be done and work together on the gaps:

  • What are the relevant standards against defined ID system component/function

  • Which ones are applicable to a developing country context

  • Which ones are competing with one another

  • What are the gaps?

  • Presentation of the Open API for interoperability between registries developed by the SIA

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