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Meet our Speaker: Olaf Jonkers

As the Scheme Manager for itsme®, combining this role with the Security and Privacy aspects of the itsme® services, Olaf Jonkers (https://www.linkedin.com/in/olafjonkers/) has in-depth experience in tackling the practical challenges and good governance of online Mobile Identity. Already in the early stages of developing the itsme® solution, Olaf was requested to define and set up the governance framework around ISO27001 for Security, GDPR for Privacy and the eIDAS framework for everything Identity Management. This has resulted in the recognition by the Belgian government in 2017 already of the itsme® Mobile Identity solution and App, with now over 1 M active users. Over 100 companies have already integrated the itsme® Mobile App for different use cases. Launched as of this year, this now includes also itsme® Sign, enabling the generation of a qualified eIDAS electronic signature with an easy-to-use mobile app. Olaf was also previously involved with the rollout of the Belgian eID Card solution, and applications for it, back in 2003.

Already active for over 20 years in Information Security technology, including PKI and smart-cards, Olaf assisted different organisations internationally in setting up security technology in general, and identity management solutions more specifically. Over the last decade, he became more oriented towards the relevant governance aspects of security and management of personal data, taking up leadership in business-decisions around technology risks and effective mitigation strategies to tackle them.

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