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Paulo Vale
Project Manager
Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA)
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Meet our Speaker: Paulo Vale

Paulo Vale is a senior project manager currently working for the Digital Transformation Department at the Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA) in Portugal. Paulo is the National Focal Point to the European Union on Digital Identity matters and he is currently leading the notification process of the Portuguese eID schemes under the European eIDAS regulation.


Paulo is graduated in Information Systems and has extensive experience in ICT and Government related projects. Prior to joining AMA in 2015, he worked as Team Leader on various of projects involving web-based Application development, both in public and private sectors, building a solid background in technical analysis, requirements analysis, database design, programming, testing and implementation.

Meet our Speaker: Paulo Vale

By Paulo Vale, Project Manager, Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA), Portugal

The Portuguese CMD eID (Chave Móvel Digital - Digital Mobile Key) is an online digital identity service, used to authenticate Portuguese and foreign nationals (natural persons) when accessing services in portals and websites of public and private entities, and to (remote) digitally sign documents with the CMD eID qualified signature certificate.


The main goal behind the creation of this authentication mechanism was to overcome the limitations of using the eID card-based solution, specifically the need to use additional hardware (card reader) and the difficulties of accessing digital services using a mobile device. The CMD eID combines safety and convenience for the citizen.


The adoption of the mobile key is in rapid growth. At present, more than 50 government portals are using this mechanism to allow citizens access to digital public services. Tax Management, Medical Appointments, Social Security services, Birth Registration, Driving Licence Renewals, among many other online services are now available by using the CMD mean of authentication. Interest from the private sector has also been increasing in recent months, with leading companies in the banking, communications and energy sectors to be some of those that have already joined, allowing citizens to access their services online with the convenience of using one authentication method common for multiple services/entities.


The activation of the authentication and/or qualified signature service is an opt-in choice for Portuguese and foreign nationals living in Portugal, aged 16 years or older.

  • Mobile eID solution for public and private sector in Portugal


  • CMD integration on the Portuguese idP infrastructure

  • Goals and advantages of using the CMD eID

About the Administrative Modernization Agency

The Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA) is the public institute that exercises the powers of the Prime Minister's Office in the fields of administrative modernization, simplification and digital administration, under the supervision and tutelage of the Deputy Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization.

AMA is the public institute responsible for the promotion and development of administrative modernization in Portugal. Its action is divided in three axes: assistance, digital transformation and simplification.

This agency was established in 2007, under the Restructuring Programme for the State's Central Administration (PRACE), and was the result of the extinction, by merger, of the Institute for the Management of Citizen Shops, I.P. (IGLC), of the transfer of assignments of the Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation, I.P. (IAPMEI), which it succeeded in managing the Business Spot, and of the transfer of assignments of the Agency for Knowledge Society, I.P. (UMIC), which it succeeded in the field of digital administration, namely the management of the Citizen and Business Portals and the development of infrastructure projects, such as the Citizen Card or the interoperability platform.

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