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Remco van Wijk
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Meet our Speaker: Remco van Wijk

Long before “Digital Transformation” became mainstream, Remco van Wijk started evangelizing the concept of “Qualified Information Exchange”. As a consultant for Logius, the shared service center of the Dutch Government, he designed and implemented the automated exchange and processing of business information for various chains. Most notably Standard Business Reporting (SBR), for which he designed the organizational blueprint. Since 2007, Remco has played various roles on all levels of SBR and is often regarded as the ‘intellectual conscience’.

SBR is now widely adopted in the Netherlands by public and private organizations (e.g. Banks). At the European Public Sector Award 2017, Standard Business Reporting (SBR) was chosen as European Best Practice for "Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges".

His learning points are mentioned in 2 books he was the co-author of: ‘Qualified Information Exchange’ and ‘Challenging the Chain - Governing the automated exchange and processing of business information’.  

A key component mentioned in the books is the necessity for a high qualified ID. When existing eID solutions did not meet the requirements for his “Qualified Information Exchange” ambitions, he joined the Board of Cleverbase to help build a scalable and affordable eID that is both easy and secure. Earlier this year Cleverbase was accredited as Qualified Trust Service Provider under eIDAS.

Remco continues to promote knowledge transfer, proper project management and open innovation. He regularly gives lectures and presentations about Qualified Information Exchange, eID, and other chain innovations.

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