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Meet our Speaker: Sebastian Elfors

Sebastian has worked for more than 20 years in the PKI industry with professional services and product development. His technical competencies are in the area of strong authentication, electronic signatures, and SaaS cloud computing. In addition to the technology sphere, he has experiences of legal compliance, audits, and certifications of cryptography products.

He is working with cutting edge technologies, close to business development and engineering, and has built up to support and professional services teams that meet the challenges of a constantly growing business. In addition to technical consulting, he has taken an active part of building up several strategic business partnerships. His work is in a highly international environment with on-site assignments in more than 20 countries worldwide.

eVoice: Using the FIDO authentication standard for eIDAS services

The speech will have the following contents:

  • First, there will be an introduction to the FIDO and W3C webAuthn standards.

  • Second, there will be an introduction to the principle eIDAS building blocks: QTSPs (Qualified Trust Service Providers) and eID schemes for cross-border recognition.

  • Furthermore, there will be a description of how FIDO solutions can be deployed and notified as national eIDAS eID-schemes. The related eIDAS-Nodes and SAML v2 protocols to achieve cross-border recognition will be presented too.

  • Next, there will be a description of how to use the FIDO authentication standards to enable high authentication to eIDAS QTSPs. This is in particular of importance to QTSPs with services for remote qualified signature creation, where the users’ sole control of their remote signing certificates/keys is critical.

  • Finally, there will be a walk-through of international eID projects where FIDO is being adapted as an authentication solution. In particular, the German FIDELIO initiative and South Korean K-FIDO standard will be presented.


Main goals of this speech:

  • Deploying eIDAS eID schemes by using FIDO solutions

  • Using FIDO for strong authentication to eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Providers

  • Overview of international eID projects where FIDO is being adapted 

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