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Meet our Speaker: Servi Beckers

Mr Servi Beckers is Chairman of the EReg Association since June 2016. EReg is the Association of European  Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities. As EReg Chairman, Mr Servi Beckers is responsible for the management of the Association. Together with the Advisory Board and the EReg Secretariat he sets out the mission, vision and strategy of EReg and ensures the continuity of the association. 

Servi Beckers is employed by RDW, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority. He is Director Corporate Strategy and External Developments and Member of the Management Board of RDW. His responsibilities cover corporate strategy development, IT-policy and international policy developments with a focus on Brussels and The Hague.  

Servi Beckers is an alumnus from INSEAD and a graduate of Delft University of Technology, educated in Micro-Electronics/Telecommunications, Policy Analysis and Systems Engineering as well as Strategy execution and International Marketing.  His main experience and interest lies in matters where ICT in public management (e-government) and policy development in relation to policy execution meet, in a national and international context. 

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