eID Forum delegation visits AAMVA in Washington DC

From left to right: Joe Peraino, Chief of Staff, AAMVA, USA, Ian Grossman, Vice President, AAMVA, USA, Stein Tore Glemmestad, CTO, Commfides, Norway, Mike D. McCaskill, Chief Administrative Officer, DVM, Florida, USA, Alex Kambanis, Board Member, eID Forum, USA, Mindy Stephens, Manager Identity Management, AAMVA,USA , Kjell Olav Skogen, CEO, Commfides, Norway, Anne Ferro, CEO & President, AAMVA, USA , Mark Erlich, Senior Advisor, RIA, Estonian Government, Jan-Petter Mathiesen, Managing Director, Idemia, Norway, Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department, Traficom, Finland, Philippe Guiot, Chief Information Officer, AAMVA, USA, Margus Arm, Head of eID Card, RIA, Estonian Government, Konstantin Papaxanthis, Chairman, eID Forum, Sweden, Philip Quinlan, Vice President, AAMVA, USA, Geoff Slagle, Director, Identity Management, AAMVA, USA

Representatives from the eID Forum, Estonian Information System Authority, TRAFICOM and the Norwegian industry, participated in a workshop hosted by AAMVA at their headquarters in Washington, DC, on March 15, to discuss and share information around the topics of eID and Mobile DLs.

eID Forum together with the Estonian Information System Authority, TRAFICOM (Road Administration Finland), and Norwegian industry representatives traveled to Washington to meet with the Management of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), to discuss several topics around eID, Mobile DLs and best practices from Digital Scandinavia, Finland and Estonia.

Anne Ferro, CEO of AAMVA, opened the workshop with her Management team and the Directors of the Identity Management Team, Geoff Slagle and Ian Grossman. Anne Ferro presented AAMVA’s mission to ”Serve North American motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies to accomplish their missions” for 270 million US and Canadian driver licence holders.

Mark Erlich, Senior Advisor, RIA, Estonian Government (top left), Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department, Traficom, Finland (top right), Geoff Slagle, Director, Identity Management, AAMVA, USA (bottom left) and Kjell Olav Skogen, CEO, Commfides, Norway (bottom right)

TRAFICOM, led by Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department, spoke about the Mobile Driving Licence in Finland, which is the first mDL roll-out in the world 2019.

Margus Arm, Head of the eID Department Information System Authority (RIA), and Mark Erlich eID Advisor, RIA, gave the latest update on Lessons Learned on the New Estonian eID Card and Data Exchange Services and Future Vision.

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